Exploration into The Unknown

Photo attributed to:

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Look up, during night or day. What’s out there? Everything. This incredible universe we have just sitting all around us, unexplored and untamed. Endless possibilities and life we could never imagine. Our world is so minuscule to everything around us. We are but a speck on the trillions of acres that is space. We as human beings spend so much time fighting each other and worrying about the negatives that we don’t realize the possibilities for our human race around us. Screw global warming, let’s go to space! Our world will burn up anyway (in about 6 Billion years) and by then humans might not even be here! *cough* global annihilation *cough cough*. So why can still breathe, we need to expand our reach and technology, keep the human race going, and push forward to new heights or depths. However you wish to look at it.

“To infinity and beyond!”- Buzz Lightyear


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