Don’t lose it

I firmly believe everyone on this Earth has the potential to be successful. Lots of money, happiness, a great family, a nice house, whatever it is, anyone can achieve that. many think that just because they may not have a high GPA or be that interested in school they won’t do well but the truth is…. it doesn’t matter. You can achieve success anywhere! I see so many people who aren’t the best students ever but have so much more potential and vision than some valedictorians have! studying from a textbook is easy, it really is but making things happen and getting first hand experience is far more important. We are all born with creative thoughts and excitement about life but as we age, we get dragged down by a schooling system created in the 1800’s to create employees, not CEOs.

Don’t lose that sense of excitement and drive, it will pay off financially and mentally much more than an A+ will.


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